I feel like a stupid giddy school girl bc all day I’ve been smiling and thinking about him and how cute he was when he was falling asleep on me last night and how he makes me laugh until I snort and his cute ass fuckin smirks and how when he kisses me I actually feel butterflies and jesus christ I like him a whole bunch??? My cold heart that came from the deepest pits of hell isn’t use to this?????

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please let kurt cobain inspire all punk fuckboys to defend women and wear cute dresses

I got to see him tonight when all our friends hung out at our friends apartment. He was too drunk so all we did was lay around watching tv with his head on my lap while I ran my fingers through his hair and he was hugging/kissing my legs. And I was more than content with just that.

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Ok so I just got paid and I plan on blowing all of it once I get back home from the beach that way I’m completely broke and have no choice but to go on a small break from smoking weed daily and lower my tolerance. This is gonna be a long 2 weeks, god speed.

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